Dear Robyn,

I thought I'd write a quick note thanking you for your generosity and professionalism in caring for our dog and cats on regular occasions over the past 12 months. The services you provide through Just Walking the Dog have allowed us the freedom to travel without the stress of worry. Our cats, one in particular gets very stressed when placed in a cattery so having the option to have her cared for at home by you is such a wonderful relief. We always love the photos you send us - it's so nice to see the two cats at home, happy and well cared for while we travel.

Coco Pops our dog loves to visit your house - as we drive up your street she gets super excited and seems to know where she is headed. Whenever she visits you she has such a great time, the care you provide is second to none and we would highly recommend Just Walking The Dog to anyone wanting a stress free trip away, dog walker or doggy day care (AKA dog paradise). Thank you for creating such a caring dog and cat friendly place for our little buddies to go.

Amanda D, Brookfield.

Robyn and Richard have looked after our 9yr old papillon, Bijoux, on two occasions. Bijoux is recovering from a long illness and can't walk by herself, so needs lots of TLC. Bijoux enjoyed the regular "walks" and visit to the beach from the comfort of a pet stroller/carry bag which Robyn had sourced for her visit. Robyn and Richard were very attentive and responded to her every whimper! The regular updates (photos and emails) allowed us to relax on our holiday, knowing Bijoux was being extremely well looked after. Robyn was also fantastic at continuing Bijoux's "therapy" by providing her with opportunities and encouragement to build the strength in her legs. The Savill's love of animals is obvious and Bijoux's wagging tail showed how happy she was to visit the second time.

I would like to thank Robyn and Richard for the wonderful way they have welcomed my beautiful black labrador, Holly, in to their home and their lives. I would absolutely recommend their services to anyone who needs looking after of their beloved pets. When Holly was less than a year old, we were faced with the problem of her not tolerating being in her crate when we left her and if we left her out of it, absolutely destroying anything in sight. We heard about Robyn from our vet, and thought that Holly might benefit from some company and extra walks during the day. Holly absolutely loved going to visit Robyn and Richard; often jumping up and joining them in bed after her early 6:00 am drop off! I would arrive to pick her up after work and find a very happy, tired, contented puppy. Being with Robyn and Richard during the day helped at a time that Holly needed to mature and have extra attention. She is now absolutely fine at home with her sister, Cookie (a perfectly behaved mature labrador) and is no longer destructive nor barks when we leave her during the day. The love and care that Holly receives when she visits Robyn and Richard is just as she receives at home. In fact, I believe that it IS a second home to Holly. We have left her over several nights when we have gone away, and have known that she is not only safe, but very happy and content.
I like to call Robyn and Richard Holly’s “angels”. That is truly what they are to the animals they look after. There is no question in my mind that they love the animals that they care for as their own, and those lucky animals could not have better care. Thank you, Robyn and Richard!
We love you!

I first made use of the pet sitting services offered by Just Walking the Dog when my border collie, Bluebell was just a tiny puppy. In the first few days of her arrival, when she was just 9 weeks old, I was called into work. Not wanting to leave a tiny puppy alone in strange surroundings, I called on Robyn and Richard. Robyn kept Bluebell close all day, wrapped up in her baby blanket. She was either on her lap or at her feet that first day, and their bond was forged forever. I cannot explain what a relief it was for me, as a brand new puppy mum, to have been able to call on Robyn that day. I would not have been able to go into work otherwise.

The second time she stayed was for a sleepover, and this is when the trouble started. When we collected her, she was reluctant to leave. Back home, she slept like a, well, like a dog. She had obviously had so much fun, and so much exercise, that she returned happy and exhausted. She had the air of a dog pining… not for her family as I expected she would, but for Robyn and Richard, and all the friends she had made there.

Bluebell stayed with Robyn and Richard for four weeks over Christmas in 2013. (Well, she was supposed to stay for 4 weeks, but because of some unexpected visitors in our house while we were away, she ended up going home for Christmas week after all.) Over and above their exceptional care of Bluebell, I must commend Robyn and Richard on their flexibility and fairness. Although Bluebell had been booked in for four weeks, they had no trouble with the last minute date changes in what is their busiest season. They credited me the days willingly, something they were well within their rights NOT to do.

Bluebell has stayed with Robyn and Richard a lot now. The last time she absolutely refused to walk to the car to come home. She lay down in their driveway in protest, even as I dragged her gently towards the car. Eventually I had to pick her up and carry her to the car, just to get her to come home. And she is a big girl now, not as easy to pick up as she was when she first met the Savills. I complained bitterly to Robyn and Richard about this snub, who gently reassured me that it wasn’t my mothering ability, or the fact that I am no longer Bluebell’s favourite, but just that she had been having a particularly good time with Cupcake, the Beagle, that was the cause of her reluctance to leave. And so, they are not only kind to the animals they look after as their own, but to their neurotic and insecure owners too.

Bluebell has told me that she loves Robyn and Richard. She loves going to stay there. In fact, I think she enjoys her little holidays as much as we do, if not more. She always comes home happy, and completely exhausted, which is not an easy to thing to do to a border collie. All that “mother’s guilt” I feel for leaving my dog in someone else’s care is completely unwarranted. I can practically hear the Yipppeeeeeeeees when I drop her off. I can not recommend Just Walking the Dog highly enough. I just wish I could leave my children there too!
Philippa C, Pullenvale