Terms and Conditions


Robyn and Richard Savill, (trading as, "Just Walking the Dog!"), agree to provide the Pet Minding Services, on the terms of this agreement, in return for you paying the Fees.




In consideration of Robyn and Richard Savill, (trading as, "Just Walking the Dog!"), providing the Pet Minding Services, I acknowledge that while they will exercise all reasonable care in providing the services some risks inevitably arise from the very nature of the services. Accordingly, I agree:

  • To indemnify and keep indemnified, Robyn and Richard Savill against any claim made against them or injury, loss, cost or expense suffered by them resulting from the actions or behaviour of my pet; and
  • To waive any action or claim I may have against Robyn and Richard Savill for any loss or injury I may suffer, including injury to my pet, caused by or arising from Robyn and Richard Savill providing the Pet Minding Services.

I specifically authorise Robyn and Richard Savill to seek and obtain veterinary treatment for my pet should they determine that the need for such treatment arises while providing the Pet Minding Services, and I agree to reimburse Robyn and Richard Savill any costs they incur in seeking and obtaining such treatment.

Robyn and Richard Savill will make reasonable efforts to contact you prior to seeking and obtaining veterinary treatment for your pet and to seek such treatment from any veterinarian you may have specified.

A full document will be emailed to the customer for signature and return prior to the provision of any services being provided. This document will include the type of service being provided by Richard and Robyn Savill of Just Walking the Dog. These details will include name and type of animal, timeframe and description of service with the fees outlined for the provision of these services.



Robyn and Richard Savill
Just Walking the Dog