Our Rates & Services Detailed

Services Provided include:

1. Visits In Your Home.

For cats and dogs (and any other creatures great and small) - to visit, feed, clean up, play with, water plants, bins out & in etc. (and give any medication, including injections, tablets, liquids) is $30 per visit. This is for up to 2 cats and/or dogs. It is $5 per additional dog and/or cat. Other additional animals to be discussed and a charge agreed (if any) at the time.

2. Doggie Day Care - Small Dogs only.

PLEASE NOTE REVISED PRICE INCREASE FROM 1st September 2017 - Some people are looking for their dogs to mix with other dogs and to come and play for the day at our place (from 6.30am - 6.30pm unless otherwise organised) - $40.00 for first dog and $30.00 for the second dog. You will need to drop your dog/s off and pick them up at the end of the day unless otherwise organised. (This is any day, including weekends!). I have a small group of dogs for the day and they all love the interaction and going out to a variety of dog parks/playgrounds/beach/waterholes for playtime and a run around.

3. Staying overnight at our house - For Small Dogs Only (Medium Dogs by Discussion & Agreement) and Cats!

Dogs staying over - Another option you may wish to consider is if you want your dog to stay at our place, my fee for a dog staying overnight is $55 per day for the first dog and $40 for the second and each other dog from same household. Drop-off from 6.20am - 10pm any day.
(PLEASE NOTE THAT day of drop off and day of pick up are chargeable days). If you pick up before 12 noon on the day of pick up, a half day fee is charged. You provide us with their dog biscuits (kibble) or any "special" food as they all seem to eat different biscuits and I top this up with various things such as cut up raw and/or cooked meat (this can be gravy beef, mince, chuck or blade steak, kangaroo or chicken wings/necks etc.Rice, and veggies, raw egg and oil are added to the cooked mince mixture. I also feed the dogs roast chook (without the skin of course). You will need to provide me with their bedding and any special toys. I am very flexible if you have a late flight back from somewhere - just let me know beforehand.

In return, we will love your pet/s unconditionally (this is the easiest part of all); give them more than lots of attention (hugs and cuddles & kisses); take them for at least one walk every day; include them in our family in every respect and (as I am in and out all and every day) your dogs have constant company from us, my two dogs) and any other "visitors". My husband Richard also helps me out three days per week and one of us is always with the dogs. Your dog/s are allowed in our house - exactly the same as at your own home! We always have the doors open to the courtyard and garden so all the dogs wander in and out of the house all day (we have the air conditioning going all day (& someone times all night) in summer and heating or fire raging in winter) and we always leave the sliding door open enough for the dogs to go in and out! Our whole house and outside area is totally secure and "dog proof" so there is no way anyone can escape. They will sleep inside at our place.  In summer, for those dogs who like swimming - not only do we go out to various waterholes, beaches etc, but we often let the dogs swim in our pool (this took lots of convincing my husband of course!)

Cats staying over at our house - We have a very large area set up for cats to board with us. Safe, secure and in a bright, calming and very friendly area - your cats will have the freedom to climb and jump around on the many play gyms and cat palaces; smooch around on beds or stay within the security of the crate; They can play with all the fabulous toys on offer; they can use the two large outside cat enclosures (which are grassy and get both sun and shade). If they like to go outside and play and just loll around watching the world go by in a safe environment, this is a perfect set up with several ledges to sit up on, bushes to hide under and tunnel to sit in. Perhaps they enjoy chasing insects and just feeling the breeze!! ..... best of all - this is totally separate and away from the dogs who have no idea that the cats are even there! Our cat resort is an upmarket and boutique modern cat boarding environment in our home. This means your cats also get lots of special attention, cuddles and pats and playtime with us. We will brush your cats, play with them - at no extra cost and we can administer any medications they need and make sure they return to you as happy and as healthy as before you left them with us. We have music playing for them and we have Feliway pheromones installed in both large main rooms to ensure they are not stressed. Our place is somewhere your cat will enjoy their holiday, as much as you enjoy yours, therefore giving you peace of mind to relax. Our rates are $28 per day for first cat and $18 for each additional cat from the same family. If you already have a dog staying with us, the rate is $25 per day for first cat and $18 for each additional cat. Prices are charged per calendar day inclusively - this means the total account includes the day of drop off and day of pick up. You can provide us with your cat's biscuits and we will provide a variety of "wet food" for them or we can provide a premium cat biscuit for them, it is entirely up to you. We will also discuss food issues with you prior to your cat coming to ensure we know what your cat likes and doesn't like or if they have any allergies. You will also need to show us your cat's current F3 vaccination prior to them boarding.

5. Additional services we can offer you:

Pet taxi service – some people are without a car and need their pets taken to vets for their injections etc. and taxis do not allow animals in their cars or if you have your pets booked into pet boarding kennels, I can pick them up for you or drop off – fee to be confirmed for this.

If you would like to go ahead with any of my services, let me know and we can arrange a MEET AND GREET 20 minute consultation where I come to your house and meet you and your pet or if they are going to stay with us, we can arrange a time convenient for you to come to our place and discuss your needs etc. This is a free consultation and takes about 20 minutes and I can work around times that suit you whether it is evenings, weekends or during the day.

Please Note: I do not charge any surcharges over peak periods nor I do I charge cancellation fees - I figure it is good karma and sometimes unavoidable things happen at the last minute that change plans.

As we are a small family run business, we request that all fees are paid prior to services being provided unless other arrangements are made by prior arrangement. You can pay by eft or cash payment.