2017 – Dog & Cat Boarding, Pet Sitting & Homestay – Changes

2017 - Dog & Cat Boarding, Pet Sitting & Homestay changes this year! Well 2016 has finally drawn to a close - what a year! Did it seem a particularly long and hard year to you all? It sure did to me.

Now we at the the beginning of an exciting New Year - and I say "bring it on!" Last year was a year of illnesses; loss and sadly the passing of Richard's wonderful father; surgeries for me and other medical challenges. This year however, is already looking much, much brighter all round.

Therefore this year we are going to concentrate on our dog & cat boarding and pet sitting facilities (which are amazing and second to none) and homestay offerings. We will only be taking small dogs from here on and in smaller numbers for pet boarding with us. This is largely due to my capacity to manage all the dogs.

As many of you will know, I have had a shocking year health wise and have had major surgeries and hospitalisations and still need more - who said getting old was fun. So it is time to look after our health and wellbeing. Although I have to go into hospital for some more surgery in mid February, it is not too extensive and all will be good.

Richard is now back working as a software engineer so I need to manage the business on my own and cannot keep up with the numbers of dogs staying as in previous years. Nor can I manage the number of pet visits so please don't be disallusioned if I say we are full - I find the hardest thing of all is saying no but it is something I must learn to do better. My advice is to get in early and make your bookings so you are not disappointed. I have a good network of other providers to refer you to if I am full.

On another note, I would love some new testimonials from you all so please put your fingers to the keyboard and send me something via email. I really appreciate it.

I wish you all, my valued clients, a wonderful safe, happy and healthy year ahead with fun and exciting times to add to your memories!

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  1. It's interesting that there are pet boarding services like this. It makes sense that you would want to use them if you're going on vacation! It can be rough for your pet if you just leave them behind, after all.

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